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Stylish IPod Docks


When it comes to technology, we never settle for anything but the best. And, today when you have the market flooded with all types of gadgetry I am sure you have a hard time deciding as to what you want. iPod docks are one such thing that are available in all types of models, and receiving a little help from amateurs like us always comes in very handy. Just scroll down and see some of the most stylish iPod docks ever created so that you have a little idea in terms of the wide variety and quality that you are able to choose

Creative Coffee Tables

It’s always a big pleasure to feature works of really talanted artist. And it’s a double pleasure to do it twice. That was happen with industrial designer from Bulgaria Svilen Gamolov. We’ve already shown you beautiful coffee tables from this designer. Todays post is full of his new concepts of coffee tables. Each concept is absolutely unique and extremely creative. Just look at them!

 Butterfly Coffee Table

Awesome memory keys

For creating such unusual memory key in steampunk style you would need some wood, a few old pocket watches and a lot of talent and creativity. All featured bellow memory keys were created by artist from United Kingdom under nick back2root. The corps of USB drives were made out of different types of wood: Ebony, Padauk and even such exotic wood as Tiger Myrtle. The creation of each device took up to 12 hours and up to 8 old pocket watches. The beautiful results of such hard work you could see below. Enjoy!


The second version (V Series) of the Nooka Zot sports a full-face mineral crystal lens, making it as easy to clean as wiping with the edge of your designer-label t-shirt! The Nooka Zot-V also has some nifty features: a chronograph for timing your poker games, and an alarm to get you up in the morning. The 12 dots represent hours (months in date mode) and the row below counts minutes. Housed in stainless steel with an LCD display, the watch has an EL backlight, leather straps and a stainless steel buckle. It is 35 x 35 x 10mm with 28mm wide band. Modes: Time, Date, Chronograph and Alarm.

ZeroPointZero Watch

Designer Luis Beruman’s new ZeroPointZero is a set of digital watch handcuffs. Yes, that’s handcuffs. This concept is inspired by “we are all slavers of time”


Revolving Satellite Complication The UR-202 features URWERK’s patented Revolving Satellite Complication with telescopic minutes hands. The Revolving SatelliteComplication displays time using telescopic minutes hands operating through the middle of three orbiting and revolving hours satellites. The telescopic minutes hands precisely adjust their length to follow the three sectors marking the minutes: 0-14, 15-44, 45-60. Extended, they enable the UR-202 to display the time across a large, easy-to-read dial. Retracted, they allow for a very wearable and comfortably sized case.

OLED Linux Watch

Developed jointly by IBM and eMagin, this OLED Linux watch was ahead of its time. It basically had a host of PDA functions (phonebook, scheduler, picture viewer, etc.) and included a monochrome 640 x 480 VGA display.

Azimuth SP-1 Mecanique

Azimuth premieres the brand new SP-1 Mechanique concept watch. Nicknamed the ’spaceship watch’, this forward-looking timepiece is an adventurous mix of bold, futuristic styling and progressive technical flaunts. The so-called spaceship watch has a rendition of Earth as seen from space which rotates every sixty seconds. It has a jumping hour display powered by a Unitas 6497 movement. It has a rotating disc which is at the base of a minute hand.

Tokyo Flash Twelve 5-9 Q Watch

The stylish case features a contoured undulating effect, as if the metal itself is alive. Moving clockwise from the top of the display, the first two lines of LEDs indicate the hours 1-12, each lit LED indicating one hour. The third line of LEDs indicates minutes up to 50, each lit LED indicating 10 minutes. The final two lines indicate single minutes 1-9, one LED representing each single minute. A conventional structure with a striking display, this outstanding time piece is perfect for those who crave something extraordinary.

Issey Miyake OVO Watch

What can we say about Issey Miyake’s quite remarkable OVO Wrist Watch? A watch of extreme modernist beauty, the OVO is arguably one of (if not the) most striking wrist watches we’ve ever come across or are ever likely to come across. A masterpiece of watch design from the Japanese master of all things cool.

High-Tech Army Wristwatch

Tadiran Communications has developed new video communication technology that delivers real-time images taken by helicopters on to a 3-inch LCD display. This wristwatch-style receiver gives solidiers an aerial view of the battlefield with video beamed directly from drones at 30 frames per second. For $50,000, you’ll get a receiver, transmitter, and battery.

Luna Crystal Watch

Time Floats magically inside this wathch. If you ever tried to match the brilliance of Swarovski’s expertise in crystal and mixed it with the bedazzling gems Signity specialize in, you might end up with something that looks a whole lot like this Luna Watch created by designer John Pszeniczny. Made with crystal, stainless steel and a Spessartite Garnet, the watch almost gives you the illusion of a crystal ball since the touching of tow contact points seems to make the time flash and float magically inside the crystal. With a subtle luminescence making it glow like a secret key to some outlandish magical world, the Luna watch finds the perfect balance between function and aesthetics making it just the perfect fashion accessory for the season.

Ultra-Violet Watch

Infinity Optic’s Ultra-Violet watch is like an optical illusion, you’ll see the same reflection many times over due to specially placed mirrors and electroluminescent coated hands.

The Camera Phone Watch

Telson’s TWC 1150 is the world’s first camera phone watch. It supports a RUIM card which can be used in GSM phones for international roaming. Other features include, a 256 color LCD, plug-in camera, Infrared wireless earpiece, speakerphone, stopwatch, and planner.

Horological Machine No. 2

HM2 is a timepiece god. It has four dials, which offer the following measurements: “instantaneous jump hour, concentric retrograde minutes, retrograde date and bi-hemisphere moon phase.” That basically means the watch has two date and two time keeping dials. Who the hell cares? It’s stunning! This flawless beauty is worth $59,000.

The ORB – Time Orbit watch

The idea for this watch is classic plastic bracelet, with incorporated lines inside the watch that show the current time. Those three line are rotating around the watch and show the time, while the seconds line is going around all the time. One line for hour,second for minute and third for seconds,and three different colors for every lines. It`s simple concept, attractive and eye catching. The ORB could be made in two colors, black and white, with different colors for the time lines. Adjusting the clock is easy as the watch is the touchscreen, all you have to do is to touch the line, click adjust icon and slide current time line to correct time.

Zihotch Watch

This is one strange watch you probably wouldn’t like to wear, especially if you’re not Japanese. Excepting it’s huge, it looks like an old phone and you need to dial “117″ to hear the time in Japanese. You can watch the video in source to understand better what are we talking about.

Fossil Starck Watch

This digital style watch displays the time in a unique fashion. In a ring shaped display, the hours are displayed as numbers while the minutes are displayed in segments. As time goes by, the segments build making a complete ring every hour. The center is completely see through and the pusher is located on the case back to create this sleek styling.

ON AIR Wrist Watch

On air wrist Watch shows time in an extraordinary minimal way. While LED display shows minutes in number, its position shows us the current hour. Display is also function as a light and set button. If you push once LED lights up. To set the time you need just to push in the center of the display for 5 seconds and LED flashes, here you push upper or lower corner of the display to set the hour and the left and right corner to set minutes.

Giovannoni Timesphere

At $150, the Giovannoni Timesphere is a nifty alarm clock – well yes not a watch practically though, however is capable of projecting the time onto any surface via a wireless orb. While sitting on the base, the wireless floating orb is charged through induction and once it is completely charged feel free to place it wherever and fix the point where you want time to be focussed. The orb will project the time onto a wall or surface or your wrist and easily be lost when kicked or played with by a dog.

Matrix M6001 LCD Watch

A deliciously retro inspired LCD wrist watch, the Matrix M6001 LCD Wrist Watch manages to ooze yesteryear appeal whilst offering highly original and distinctive styling – which is not an easy feat. Managing to be both understated and yet gloriously glam, though we’re not quite sure how this has been accomplished, the Matrix M6001 is, beyond all doubt, a retro fuelled masterpiece.

Nixie watch

This watch looks designed especially for science geeks, because it displays the time on nixie tubes. For those that don’t know what nixie tubes are, they were used back in 1969 in calculators and are quaint neon display tubes. This watch only requires the flick of the wrist to display the hours, minutes in seconds in a sequence. It’s advantages are that it’s both rugged and water resistant. The Nixie Watch is great somebody that wants to be unique.

Liquid time

There are two names of this watch: one is “Liquid Time” and the other is “From nowhere to nowhere”. Liquid Time utilizes two LCD screens specially crafted to fit the watch as well as some very clever typography.

Equilibrium wrist watch

Inspired by aircraft instrumentation, in particular an aircraft’s artificial horizon instrument, the Equilibrium Wrist Watch is a purely analogue affair designed by Daniel Will-Harris that offers a ‘sense of perspective to an ever-shifting horizon’.

Abacus hands free ball watch

Wrist watches really don’t get any more minimalist than the Abacus Hands Free Ball Watch which is an entirely hands free affair, relying instead on a single metal ball to convey the time thanks to the use of a concealed magnet. Not a watch for those who cannot live without knowing the exact time but ideally suited to those seeking a stylish watch that offers a rather more casual relationship with time telling.

ao TimeFlexa

This is a self-gumming watch, that can be attached to virtually anything, from your hand to a jacket. The aoTimeFlexa is based on the flexible display technology and it can be bend and rolled like a paper. It also features touchscreen, so it doesn’t have any physical buttons. Being very slim and small, it can be used in any situation.

Storm circuit watch

The Circuit Watch uses a pair of tall stacked LED segments to illustrate the current time. The bars on the left show the current hour, while the bars on the right display appear to be split into two sections, one which displays tens of minutes and the other which shows individual minutes.

Binary watch

If you want to be the absolute computer geek, then this watch can’t miss from your wirst. But first you need to learn the binary language, if you don’t already know, because else you won’t be able to read the time.

Seiko bluetooth watch

This Seiko watch not only tells time, it notifies you when a call or text message is received – on your phone – via Bluetooth. It also displays the battery level and network signal strength. SII (Seiko Instruments) in Japan has done a prototype of their bluetooth watch for mobile phone users. The bluetooth watch can connect to mobile phone and display important information on the watch.

Tiwe OLED Wrist Watch

Tiwe OLED Wrist Watch works by displaying a series of dots across the watch’s face that appear to float around in a wholly random fashion until you either shake the watch or tap the screen – at which point the OLED dots will quickly assemble from their chaotic meanderings to form order hence displaying the current time in an analogue style before timing out and floating away back into chaos again. Let’s Shake the Watch to Form the Time from Chaos.

Timex thumbnail watch

This watch is still a design for now but the coolest watch you could ever own. This watch design could reinvent our whole perception over watches. The projects comes from a design contest organized by Timex to get new ideas for their future projects. The Nail Watch, as they naturally called it, allows you to check the time with just a quick glance over your arm. It will show up in different modes, calculator, date, calender etc and an option to chose the color. This would probably be the most stylish watch and all popular companies would cry if it hits the markets.

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Cool Computer Keyboard Mods and Designs

In 1968 when Douglas Enterbart invented the first keyboard, he wouldn’t have dreamed that his invention would revolutionize the computer world. Did we imagine that the simple block key board will turn into such magnificent art pieces? But today, each design is unique…leaving the past behind and beholding the future.
Technology is simply a part in the long run- together with it blends mans’ quest for better creations leading to innovations like the 14 Coolest Computer Keyboard Mods and Designs seen below, which are made up of some real modifications and also some conceptual design which hopefully will truly be made. If you are interested in some weird and cool keyboards that have actually seen the light of day, check out the awesome collection of Geeky Computer Keyboards we seen before.

 Jellyfish Inspired Keyboard

The jellyfish inspired keyboard set is basically a hand held gizmo that can function as an alternative to the regular input devices. It features the concept of a music keyboard fused with that of a computer keyboard. This jelly fish inspired keyboard set is a little tricky in its operation: using the chord theory where by, if a certain digit is pressed together with another digit, it forms a word. But this ‘magic’ device makes it a point

Most Creative Pens

Ostrich Pen

English word “pen” originated from Latin “penna” (feather of a bird) since widespread popularity was acquired by goose feathers, which were squared at the root. However using feathers to write is a thing long past. Most of the designers move from past to future, however, this designer Arizona is moving backwards resulting in this cool creation that uses an Ostrich Head and feather.

Most Cretive Designs

Hands free door will keep you away from germs

From Sanidoor, this hands free door is motion-controlled, which minimizes your contact with the ever dirty and germ-laden bathroom door handles. Though an apt creation for public restrooms, who says we can’t use it in our homes. It’s a ground-breaking technology, which need not be restricted to one place really. Released around five years ago, the product has only been significantly used in Florida area. However, the

The Wine Cork Painting

Well if one can create art out of bottle-caps I don’t see why corks can’t be used for the same purpose? It seems Albanian artist Saimir Strati feels the same way, since he has taken on the challenge of creating a 3D painting out of 300,000 wine-bottle corks. What you see in the photos is not the completed project, upon

Colorful Interior Design

Lights, City, Condo! Colorful Cinema-Style Interior Design


When you can afford to turn two existing condos into a single-floor-spanning unit, the cost of city living is unlikely to slow down your incredible ideas for interior decoration. Somewhere between an ultra-minimal modernist dream home and the set of some timeless abstract firm, this cinematic condo combines stark white rooms with an expansive array of colorful lighting elements.

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Are Your Eyes Playing Tricks on You?

What is 13 stories high, has 3,500 steps and is 100 feet deep? Right, this well, but do you believe it exists as shown in the photograph? Or has the symmetry been achieved with a little help from Photoshop? Not sure? We looked at it as if it were one of those wacky 3D-images and still weren’t sure. Read on for more details…

It is real! The image shows Chand Baori, a stepwell in Abhaneri, Rajasthan, close to Jaipur. It was built in the 9th century by Raja Chand, a rajput of the ruling Chamana Dynasty at the time, to solve the water

The Rainbow Tunnel of Tel Aviv

A visit to Isreal may now include explicit stops at the open underground tunnels of Tel Aviv, where artists Bar & Shay have been hard at work installing colourful lights to the once dull underpasses. The new makeovers brighten up an otherwise unmemorable experience, and have already received acclaim as a great street intervention project.

Largest Sports Stadiums of the World

 Sporting venues come in all shapes and sizes. Some are truly immense. Most of the largest stadiums are used for football. However, some high capacity venues are used for baseball, cricket. Many stadiums have a running track around the perimeter of the pitch allowing them to be used for track and field events. It is estimated that the Circus Maximus of ancient Rome could hold 270,000 spectators.

The following is a list of largest sports stadiums ordered by their seating capacity that is the maximum number of seated spectators they can accommodate.

Rungnado May Day Stadium

The monumental Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea was built in 1989 and seats a staggering 150,000 people. In 1995, an incredible 190,000 people crammed in for a professional wrestling event.

Most Majestic Castles in the World

 In medieval times, castles were built as homes and fortress of a noble and monarch. Did you know that the earliest castles were built from wood? By the 12th century, the majority of castles were built from stone. On this time, these structures serve as fortified and defensible homes of a member of the feudal nobility. Castles could supervise the surrounding territory and make sure it sees advances of any invasion attempts.

Here I have compiled some of the most majestic castles in the world. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Mont Saint-Michel
Mont-Saint-Michel is a rocky tidal island located on the border between Normandy and Brittany. This majestic castle is one of the first sites to obtain UNESCO World Heritage listing.

Most Beautiful Lighthouses in the World

 In early time people set fires at the edge of the water to warn boats of dangerous rocks and shores. The early lighthouses used wick lamps as a source of light.  In the olden times the light beam could only travel a few miles.  In 1822 the first modern lighthouse lens was invented by a Frenchman named Augustin Fesnel.  He found out how to increase the light by using prisms.

Here I have compiled the list of some of the most beautiful, amazing lighthouses. These are so beautiful that if you are watching them at night you could stay without a breath. If I missed any, do share it in comments section.
Enoshima Lighthouse, Japan

The Enoshima lighthouse in Japan has a spiral staircase to the top is surrounded only by a steel frame which is lit in different colors that change throughout the night, making it pretty hard to ignore.

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Most luxurious Airport Lounges in the World

We all hate to travel in crowded airports, long lines, rude people ….. But there are ways to make our traveling experience a little nicer and also be pampered at the same time. Companies have made all the arrangements for their customers to make them feel the elite. But for that you have to be strong from your pocket.

Here I have compiled some of the most luxurious airport lounges that are sure to impress even the most seasoned traveler.

The Wing – Cathay Pacific

This luxurious terminal lounge has private cabins with showers, beds and Jacuzzi tubs. Top it all off with free Wi-Fi, and executive office suites and you’ve got yourself quite the lounge. It is in Hong Kong

Longest Road Tunnels of the World

 Since the dawn of civilization, people have been building tunnels for accessing tombs or underground quarries, or in the hill slopes for allowing the flow of water from porous rocks. Romans were skilled tunnel builders, who made several kilometers long underground passages using the work of slaves.

But modern day tunnels are a bit different as the means of transportation are various. Some tunnels are just for trains and some are for cars but few also serve both.
Here I have compiled some of the longest road tunnels of the world. I hope you will like it.
Laerdal Norway

Most Beautiful Railway Stations

We have all spent more time than we care to remember in stations waiting for missed connections or delayed trains. After the obligatory cup of tea there is not much else to keep you entertained except huddling from the inevitable rain in the waiting room which, despite the ban, still has a hint of stale smoke.

But there are railway stations around the world that offer more than hot beverages and gloomy stationary stores. Here I have compiled some of the most beautiful railway stations of the world. I hope you will like it.
Union Station

Union Station in Los Angeles, California, which opened in May 1939, is known as the “Last of the Great Railway Stations” built in the United States.

Nature's Enclave in a Japanese Metropolis

The insane architecture you see above is the aftermath of a baseball stadium being abandoned in Osaka Japan; a new opportunity revealed itself and brought a bit of green regeneration to the urban jungle.

Judging by the ticket sales, people Osaka didn’t seem to care too much about baseball, so in 2003 the stadium was abandoned. Notwithstanding this, being situated near the Namba Train Station (the first stop from Kansai Airport) has its advantages: it is a place of great economic importance and the site therefore couldn’t go to 

Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in the World

Most of us have simple demands when it comes to travel lodging at max a bed, a bathroom, a TV and Wi-Fi. There are others, however, whose demands far eclipse the simple convenience of your basic hotel room. When the world’s most wealthy travelers take a vacation for their own, they are treated to suites that cover entire floors of a hotel building, rooms that include a personal butler, hell– some even come with their own private helicopter.

So take a peek into the experience of the world’s most wealthy travelers. Here I have compiled some of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world.

Imperial Suite, Park Hyatt, Paris