Thursday, May 24, 2012

Most Cretive Designs

Hands free door will keep you away from germs

From Sanidoor, this hands free door is motion-controlled, which minimizes your contact with the ever dirty and germ-laden bathroom door handles. Though an apt creation for public restrooms, who says we can’t use it in our homes. It’s a ground-breaking technology, which need not be restricted to one place really. Released around five years ago, the product has only been significantly used in Florida area. However, the new version of Sanidoor hands freed door is smaller, less expensive and is expected to sell more units.

Sonido Aion luxury speakers blend form and function

The recent luxury home trends have made it clear that anything that doesn’t gel with the interiors of your home is worthless. Luxury loudspeakers are all about sophisticated technology and an elegant design, and the Sonido’s Aion scores good on both the grounds. Beautifully crafted, the Aion speaker uses a combination of technologies that promise to generate pure sound, which you can enjoy while sitting in any corner of your living room.
It runs a single 20cm full-range driver into a line that pounces around the bottom first and then, sends upwards into the ceiling. With 10-ohm of natural impedance and 96 dB of sensitivity, you can expect the Aion to deliver high quality music. The Sonido Aion speakers are priced at 615,000 HUF (approx. US $3,150).

LED pillow plays music with lights

LED pillow is designed using the existing technology that allows your networking with music, audio and voice. It’s a complete fun to dance to the beat of music with multi-colored or single colored modes just by connecting MP3, i-Pod player or a cell phone. As the music is played the LED lights are triggered. The LED lights get charged by the battery or the power supplied by a MP3 player or a cell phone. LED lights features 5 modes: select color, auto random color, synch to music, sleep, power on/ off and sleep mode which can sense motion within 5 feet proximity and automatically turns on and off LED in 5-10 min to preserve energy.
Additional features include, its capability to change color according to the mood and can be adapted to display images or the patterns illuminating on the pillow. The pillow is comfortable and cozy and can be filled with water or any liquid material. You can also use the pillow to relax, sleep, surf the net, play video games, read a book, listen to music and watch movies in a comfortable modish environment. LED pillow gives intellect of relaxing, harmonizing and refreshing mental atmosphere with light glowing next to you.

 Isis Sea Fan naturally artistic lighting

Based on the concept of refraction of light our ancestors had designed creative technique of utilizing candlelight to brighten the interiors. The principle idea being the reflection, refraction and diffusion, the candles were mounted in glorious candelabra and chandeliers which amplified the light through lead crystal drops cut into prismatic shapes. In cooperating the traditional approach designer Ruth McDermott has come up with ‘Isis Sea Fan’. Taking its name from the organic forms, this smart lighting system mimics sea fans-soft tendril corals to create a bond between technology and natural forms.

Enjoy your favorite tunes with all-in-one ’Eklipse Clock Radio’

With the emerging technology and new gadgets making into market every now and then, Sonoro has brought some good news from the world of music gadgets. Joining the hands in the world of technology and gadgets, the company has emerged with a unique ‘Eklipse Clock Radio’ all-in-one music station. With a shiny black finish and glowing accents this cool music station comprises a slot loading CD player that is MP3 friendly, FM/AM radio and an internal iPod dock that recharges your player. It also features an alarm clock that not only tells you the time but gives a morning wake-up alarm to push you out of the bed. This innovatively cool clock radio will cost you $550 and is yet to hit the market shelves.

In future, the computers might look like insects and that too alien

Lotus computer concept by Sophia Yung is the design for our next generation. As you can see, it is no longer a square box, but looks like a lotus plant. But, the moment I saw it, the only thing that I could see was some insects from the other planet with one eye. Ok, it could look like anything in this world, but the best part about this computer design is that it has been integrated with one of the five human senses .i.e. olfaction. It combines smell spray, artificial intelligence and video and keypad projector into it, which helps to establish visual and interactive relationship between the user and the computer system.

EU smart home concept

Smart-home” technology that allows people to control household appliances via their mobile phone or other gadgets is being shown off in Germany.
Funded by EU, the i2 home project is especially aimed at giving independence and control to the older and the disabled people. Middleware is the technology that has been used to control heating and all the other stuff like air conditioners to be controlled by any gadget or interface that you choose. This new technology is the result of combined efforts of EU industry, user groups and the universities. And, the hard work seems to have paid off well. This particular platform requires all the appliances to be networked together and the so called middleware sits between the home appliances and a controlling device, which can be anything like a mobile phone, allowing them to communicate.
Various control interfaces have also been created by i2home project. The research which was carried in collaboration with various groups like Alzheimer’s patients, blind and partially sighted people, so that technology could be matched to their needs has finally come to an end. But, the project team and some users are still evaluating it with the help of demonstration of technology in German town of Saarbr├╝cken, as it has been mocked up in a kitchen here.
“Finally, something that works,” said Ginger Classen, a blind, German accessibility expert. “If this technology is adopted by many manufacturers, I could finally go appliance shopping like sighted people in a normal store, having the choice to buy cool and stylish products.”

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