Monday, October 22, 2012

All Along the Watchtower

If Marty McFly traveled back from the future and brought back tons of dough, I'm pretty sure he would purchase this triplex penthouse apartment in New York. Overlooking the the Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor, the "Clocktower" apartment is on the market for a cool $25 million, more than double the highest price known to have been paid for a home in Brooklyn.

The 3,000-square-foot main floor of the sleek modern apartment is dominated by four working clocks housed in four 14-foot-high round windows, which provide nearly unobstructed views (except for the clock faces) out to the four points of the compass. It has an open living room, dining room and kitchen with 16-foot-high ceilings.

A glass-walled elevator and a three-story floating staircase at the center of the space lead to smaller floors that narrow toward the top of the tower. There are three bedrooms on the 2,300-square-foot second floor, and on the floor above that, a 988-square-foot open loft with a 15-foot ceiling. Finally, up a narrow staircase
 at the very top of the building is a tiny windswept crow’s nest.

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