Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Creative bus shelter bus stop designs

Creative bus shelter/bus stop designs from around the world. Making bus wait a fun and making bus wait bearable.

First photo is of beautiful bus stop design from Estonia.

Football goal posts were placed in bus shelters around Sao Paulo, Brazil to promote the Football World Cup.

Another creative bus shelter from Brazil, its located in city of Curitiba and have a futuristic design.

A Strawberry styled Japanese bus stop.

Creative watermelon bus stop in Ishaya, Japan.

Yosemite Falls trail bus stop is beautiful and perfect for resting.

Relax while you wait!

This is a Dubai bus stop fully enclosed and air-conditioned. You can get an idea how hot Dubai is, its very comfortable inside when you wait for the bus.

This minimalist structure that looks like a single sheet of white concrete was designed by architect Justo García Rubío and located in Casar de Caceres, Spain.

Iris Hynd in Cornwall, England created and decorated this Moroccan style bus shelter.

Creative “school bus” bus stop from Athens, Ga.

This modified London bus shelter by Bruno Taylor gives commuters a chance to have a little bit of playtime during their morning commute. He went and attached swings to a number of bus stops around the city and while they probably didn’t last too long, they added a bit of fun to a few people’s lives. Why not make these part of every bus stop? Who doesn’t love to swing? Let’s make this happen.

Bus stop designed for the Vitra design museum in Germany.

Green shelter in Sheffield, England.

Designed as part of the smart mobilities project, this bus stop was presented in Paris in 2008. Users waiting inside the bus stop could engage via a touch screen interface while pedestrians waiting outside could interact with a 6ft. custom LED display.

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